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Grooming Techniques

Grooming Techniques

  • Hand Scissoring
    Ideal for dogs with longer hair. Gives a fuller look and is usually done when a 1/2" or longer coat is desired.
  • Dematting
    Removes all mats and de-tangles the coat. It is very important for your pet's health too as it helps their skin breathe and promotes a healthier coat.
  • Clipper Cut
    Used when a shorter than 1/2" coat is requested. This technique leaves the animal looking trim, short haired and a natural look for shorter haired animals. It can also help to cool the animal in warm weather.
  • Nail Trimming
    It's important for the pets comfort to keep it's nails trimmed to the proper length.
  • Bathing
    We give a full bath and brush-out, clean the ears, express anal glands, apply cologne and bows or bandanas, if desired. We also clip the nails if needed and apply polish if desired.
  • Medicated Bath
    We use a Melaleuca medicated shampoo with all natural ingredients that will also kill fleas. This bath helps relieve and smooth itchy skin caused from eczema, dermatitis, seborrhea, skin bacteria and fungus.
  • Flea Shampoo
    We use an all natural product that kills fleas and contains aloe which has smoothing properties for the skin.
  • Creme Rinses and Conditioners
    Remoisturizes the coat and skin and conditions it to help bring out the luster and shine and makes the hair more manageable.

We also offer shaving of your long-hair cat or dog. This can be a relief for both you and your pet during warm weather and flea season. Pet Boutique offers a great selection of designer colognes for your pet (Giorgio, Red, Aramis, Chanel, etc) We use NO drugs or tranquilizers of any kind and have treats available for your pet when you pick them up.

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