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Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and Ticks Can Be Controlled!

Flea and tick season is here and with the rains and accompanying high humidity this year, it is critical that you act now to control those pesky varmints. We can devise effective programs that are guaranteed to control fleas and ticks when followed correctly. These systems control the entire cycle of the flea, both on the animal and their environment, thereby interrupting flea reproduction. Dips and sprays will be only momentary solutions unless you follow through every step to eradication.

    • The first step is either shampooing or dipping to get rid of the adult fleas.
    • The second step gets rid of fleas in the animal's environment with either an indoor fogger or an outdoor spray. Yard and kennel treatments with flea control products will help prevent outdoor pest problems from traveling indoors.
    • The third step is preventative maintenance. Since pets almost always are the cause of reinfestation, on-animal flea and tick control is vital and repeating these steps often will keep them under control.
      Cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies all require different dosages, so follow directions carefully. All of our pet professionals at Pet Boutique have been specially trained in flea and tick control and will help you get started on your program today!

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